About SM


Hey Guys,
Steve Lloyd Meskell grew up in a smallish town just on the outskirts of Ipswich, Queensland. Australia, known as the Sunshine State. As kids, 5 sisters and myself, we grew up not having to worry about playing around the neighborhood, long walks or pushbike rides visiting friends and going for swims down at the local river where there were ropes tired to trees for swinging off into the river. We had no curfews to worry about, so long as we were home by dark to have dinner everything was fine, roast dinners every Sunday afternoon.

First job I applied for was to be a sailor in the navy because one of my friends brother was in the navy and he would tell us all the different countries he would be visiting and that really appealed to me, so I had to apply to be a sailor, but after my interview for that position and not reaching the 85% or better in algebra on my test, I was not successful in becoming a sailor…sigh! So back to the job hunt. I was very good with my hands in wood work and metal work at school so my next interview for a job was to be a boiler maker, but that fell threw as well, but then I came across this add in the paper that some company was putting their feelers out for Apprentice Cabinetmakers. Out of the 74 applicants, they put 4 of us on and that was the start of my Cabinetmaking career for 30 years, the second half of that was to be in the one place working for a boss earning the highest regard, always given the specialised jobs such as; timber job, angled counters, & curved counters to construct from scratch.

When I started working bringing a few dollars in I bought myself a good brand of SLR camera, it was a Canon AE1 fully manual and I taught myself how to become a photographer and I am still a photographer to this day, I call myself a photographer because I have done quite a few weddings and other Shoots as well. As you can see by the first photo of me you see I am holding one of my prize bowling balls, I have been a keen bowler for a number of years on and off but I also represented my state in the nationals by winning the senior state championship 2 years running, and I am still a 200+ ave keen bower to this day.

As time went on things changed in my life and I was becoming bogged down with the daily grind of getting up early morning to go to work, To break up the monotony of the factory life I was invited to try my hand at learning Wing Chun, Kung Fu and I really started to like the art, so much that I was arriving early for my classes, I was given a key to unlock the hall and I would do 40 minutes of skipping rope before I would have to do 3 classes of Kung Fu and I was becoming really good at this form art so much that my Master, Sifu Steve ask me if I wanted to start fighting in the ring, and I said I am only doing this for fitness and I was becoming very fit, I actually developed this thing called Qi, which means endless amounts of energy. Once I was pushed to fight in the ring that was it for me and I left that club and didn’t return and there were no hard feelings on both parts.

But that meant I was back to the day in day out of the humdrum of working in the factory, so things were becoming mentally draining for me and I just left my situation, home and work and disappeared from everything and went and lived with an old friend on a nearby Island and just walked the beach 6 days a week for about 4 years, My girlfriend at the time said I really should get another job so I found in the paper that the Hospital in my town were hiring Operational staff, so I applied and got one of the positions working as a Wardie for 8 and a half years learning all the skills you need in a hospital. But I was still not satisfied with working for a boss day in day out doing the same thing stuck to the same shifts. After a little bit of searching on the internet I tried my hand at making some money online and all I did was waste a few hundred dollars but then I came across this ad on facebook “Make Money at Home” It was different to all the other online offers and It was In my own country, and I thought that would suit me down to the ground and I put my name and email in the required box to receive more information on this opportunity.

Before you know it I was speaking directly to the CEO, Matt Lloyd him self, he was the person doing the sign-ups at the time and Matt was the one to join me up as an affiliate with My Online Business Education, (MOBE). I haven’t looked back since, as I am working from home and abroad like just recently came back from a Mastermind with MOBE from Malaysia and I am looking forward to traveling to more Masterminds around the world as they only hold these conferences in 5 star resorts, and the good thing about these Masterminds is you don’t need to carry any money around unless you want to buy something from the tourist shops, because everything is paid for including food & drinks once you register and you can bring a second person along for free. You can’t get much better that that!

It is the best way to grow your business by attending one or more of these masterminds, you actually learn from and meet the millionaires one on one, these 6, 7, 8, and even 9 figure earners are more than happy to give you the secrets on how to grow your own business and build on your wealth and freedom to travel the world and live a lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the next Mastermind.