Change Your Paradigm – Different Is Awesome


It’s tough being different. This is made painfully obvious when you are young and there are such pressures to conform to the prevailing ambitions and interests around you. If you don’t conform to these popular ambitions and interests there may yet be hope for you – maybe there is a group of others you can […]

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A person in a egg shell breaking free with a hammer.

Apart from deciding to be happy, one of the biggest lessons learned in life is how important it is to identify and embody your passions. Have you met someone who is really passionate about their profession? It could be a doctor. Maybe a teacher or personal trainer. Whatever the profession, didn’t it leave an impact […]


The Meaning of Life


  There’s a true story about the student who showed up late to math class. He copied the problem that was already written on the board, assuming it was homework, and solved it that week. Only afterwards did he find out the teacher put it on the board as an example of an unsolvable problem. […]

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7 Steps to Starting a Successful Blog on the Internet


With over 300 million blogs in the world today, you need to create something pretty special to be able to stand the test of time while also standing out from the crowd. Where most new bloggers go wrong with their sites, is their initial planning. In this article we are going to break down a […]

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